Conserving energy is everyone's responsibility. There are many ways of saving energy, allow us to do a walk through of your home and give you a list of items that we can do to help lower your electric bill. With the recent rate increases from the utility companies, a small investment in conservation devices will pay for themselves in no time at all.

Think GREEN and start saving money immediately.

Back-Up Generators:

Have you ever been without power?

If you answered YES, or hope you will never have to answer yes in the future, then we can help. Whether you want back-up power for just yourself or enough energy to keep your factory up and running, we install and maintain generator systems of all sizes and types.

Surge Suppression Protection:

Have you ever noticed your lights flicker?

When your air conditioner, heater or another large load starts up, do your lights blink? When bad storms roll through, do you lose power momentarily and then regain power? When any of these situations are present, you have just had a surge of electricitiy hit all of your flat screen tv's, computers, and anything else that is connected via electricity, phone, cable, etc. These surges can and will eventually destroy your expensive electronics. Depending on the surge and what is being hit, you could lose the electronics the first time or the tenth time. Don't take the chance as to when it will happen to you. We are the CERTIFIED Ditek installer of surge suppression systems for the region. We sell and install a wide variety of devices to fight back against damage to your electronics. When you purchase one of our Whole Home Surge systems, you will be glad to know that you are protected by a 5 year $10,000 connected equipment warranty. This is the best in the business and priced so you will have no excuse to not have it installed to protect your home.


Are you in need of someone to take care of your electrical maintenance? Keeping all of your light fixtures lit, GFCI's and receptacles tested and maintained, etc.

We offer maintenance contracts from small to large. Our maintenance contracts are ideal for homeowners, apartment communities, condominiums, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing, etc.

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